Catharine Sterling Cat Burglar Gets Hogtied!

11:24 video

special guest video update!

our good friend cat sterling joins the tied in heels family as our special guest update direct from her own bondage files! sexy cat is encased in a skintight catsuit and gets roped up nice and tight for getting caught snooping around where she doesn't belong!



Struggle-Fest for Spandex Cat Suited Sylph Catherine Sterling – Elbows Together Strappado Turned to Strict Hogtie!


Muffled, I call out through my mouth stuffed, duct tape gag to my girlfriend… she’s quite happy to watch and wait as I struggle on the rug by the door! Dressed up as a cat burglar I had slipped into the room through that very entrance to surprise my sweet with a role play scenario, what fun the tussle had been, but now I lay here, over powered and overcome by the beauty, and the brutality of her ropes! My wrists and elbows are jammed together in strappado style behind my back, legs cinched tightly together and coils wrap around my chest. She decides I’m wriggling way too much, and returns… the camera cuts back to see her handiwork has me hogtied in the tightest of binds, a little ass wiggle and stiletto heel wave is about all I can move, even my fingers are restrained, wrapped with silver duct tape; lifting my head a few inches from the floor I look up at my love and wonder what she’ll have planned next, for this damsel in distress…  ;-)



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